Personal Philosophy of Success

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Personal Philosophy of Success Success is the desires of the majority of people who are still growing up as they still have open opportunities to try their luck. My personal philosophy of success is being myself and not comparing my body to any other person. I believe that doing what I understand is right to myself is the best principle that can drive one to a far achievement as it enhances focus and confidence. First, I will attain my success through perseverance. I am going to work hard in class so that I can acquire the necessary knowledge that will help me to understand the ways of success as well as the basic life skills. For instance, I purpose to maintain optimistic attitude even when life in school proves challenging. The success in my academic will open up for me to prepare for future life. The second strategy of attaining my success is studying and following the footsteps of my mentors. I will read more about successful people such as Bill Gates and to understand how they started and navigated through their business to their current status. I will also consult other people such as financial analysts about the economic cycles and the future expectations so that I can make the necessary decisions while investing in stocks. Last but very critical, I will maintain an economic life. As I try to start my investments, I will make sure that I spend as less as possible so that I can avoid unnecessary loss of investment capital until my businesses attain large scale of economy. It is my belief that every coin matters and through conservatism, more profit will be

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