Personal Philosophy of Success 2

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Personal Philosophy of Success Throughout the different stages of life, we are most likely bound to be confronted by a desire for success in the respective fields in which we are involved, for example, in sports, academics, business, career or even family. In the formative stages of life as young children, those we hear or see around us, especially at the family level, shape our perceptions of success. It is, however, inconceivable that in childhood one can have a cogent idea and deeper understanding and meaning of success. Even so, it gets to a point in life when one in spite of the diversity and the varied opinions around on what entails success, has to decide on a desired pathway or outlook to embark on. As such, the various widely accepted ideas and insights or strategies on how to achieve success usually come in handy at the stage, and having arrived here, I am now capable of drawing up my plan and ideas of success. To achieve success, I believe the first port of call needs to be finding something to dream about and apparently believing in the beauty of my deeply held dream. Thus, if one has not gotten anything to dream about and onto which to build an ambition, then some meditation and connecting with one’s inner self would be appropriate. After years of soul searching, I for instance, realized that I harbored a dream and a passion for entrepreneurship with a desire to set up a business in the hospitality sector. I, therefore, seek to pursue the dream in various ways possible, to the point of making it a reality and have in mind widely researching about what I need to actualize to get there. Beyond identifying my dreams or ambitions for launching in

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