personal philosophy of nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Name Institution Personal Philosophy of Nursing I chose nursing as my profession because it is concerned with offering service to people in need. In essence, being a nurse would allow me to interact with other people and observe the value of medical care in bringing about change that could easily be interpreted as ‘miracles.' In addition, I would be able to influence public health policies for the best outcomes in guaranteeing the good health of my charges. In this respect, I chose nursing as my profession because it would allow me to be a public servant in addressing health needs. I believe that the core of nursing is its link to humanity as the foundation for offering medical care. In fact, it is my awareness that nurses occupy privileged positions that require them to mesh their personal values to have a good awareness of what it means to be human. This understanding ensures that they offer the best possible care. I believe that the focus of nursing is on ensuring that patients receive rounded care that goes beyond meeting their physical needs as regards the ailment or injury. In essence, the approach applies holistic care to ensure that the patient receives the optimum healing that addresses four principal environments to include internal, interpersonal, behavioral, and external environments. My vision as a nurse is that I will become a competent medical professional capable of offering direct nursing services that entail engaging the public and patients in health forums and discussions. This includes participating in consultations with medical care teams to take advantage of their extensive expertise and experience and

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