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and improper connections of the reading equipment leads to the circuit. Some of the values of read from the voltmeter were, however, tallying correctly with those calculated. The errors for table one were as below: For R1.165-2=0.165ohms, %error= 0.165/2*100=8.25%. For R2, 0.98-1=-0.02ohms, %error=-0.02/1*100=2%. For R3, 3.253-3=0.253ohms, %error=0.253/3*100=8.4333%. Conclusion In conclusion, the experiment was successful as everything went as it was planned for. To begin with, there were no technical hitches to mess up with the experiment when being carried out. Users of analog instruments may have contributed to the difference between the measured and the calculated values. However, the...

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