Personal Narrative Essay

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Song List Songs have a powerful way of taking their experience and putting them into my life. Songs at varying stages of life can have different meanings to an individual. Some of the songs are just for entertainment, while others on this list have a more profound personal meaning to my personal life. As a child, “What a wonderful World” originally sang by Louis Armstrong, a song regularly played on the stereo by my parents enthralled me, as it stirred my emotions and painted flowers in my mind whenever I had to listen to it. The songs manifest attribute at the age was its relaxing tempo that allowed me to calm down. Moreover, the lyrics of the song seemed to be very clear, which enabled me to mouth the words of the song. As I transitioned into the preschool stage, I began to pay more attention to contemporary genres, and the song “Golden,” by My Morning Jacket band seemed to be appeasing. The lyrics of the song appeared as a storyline reminiscing me of someone telling an exciting tale. When I was in grade-level age, I developed a strong liking for songs that involved dancing and grooving. I became fascinated watching people dance to songs on the television, and my interests in such kind of songs spiked. During this stage, the song "Boom Chicka Boom,” by Jack Hartmann was my favorite, and I could listen to it on ends and dance to the moves exemplified on the video. In my junior high school age, I began to develop some fondness for pop music. I could not have enough of “All that She Wants,” by Ace Base, a Swedish pop group. The tempo, rhythm, groove of the song was more appealing than

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