Personal narrative about car accident and learning a lesson

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Surname Instructor Course Abstract Road accidents are the most death-causing events. This is one reason the public safety experts call it a deadly epidemic. It cuts across everyone, and most of them just occur as a result of ignorance. Parents should stop giving out their cars to their children especially those still at a tender age. This is because the consequences of these accidents will not only be evident in their children but also in parents. The most annoying thing is that the fault will be imposed on the parents even if their children sneaked out with the car without their conscience. Therefore, a public warning has to be made available to everyone, and proper measures must be taken upon those who violate the set rules and regulations. Besides, legal procedures should be put in place before anyone is licensed to drive. This will be of great help to our teenagers since they will have limited driving opportunities thus a reduction in road accidents. Personal Narrative about a Car Accident Introduction The rate at which car accidents are occurring on our roads is very alarming. Some of these accidents are not only caused by elders and mature people but also the youth. When parents give out their cars to their children, they must consider the safety precautions of their children and other road users. Even though they will want to make their children happy by giving them their vehicle to joy ride, they must understand by doing, so other people’s life is at stake. This occurred to me at some point during the weekend. We cannot deny the fact that weekends in Qatar are very boring especially when one wakes up in Majlis on a late Saturday and finds out what

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