Personal Model of Leadership (Part 1)

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Personal Model of Leadership Name Institutional Affiliation Date Personal Model of Leadership Values Level Behaviors and Actions Meaning and Purpose Impact Logic Individual I like to be rational and consistent in my operations. I want to be acknowledged based on the fluency of my ideas and opinion I feel good about the fluency of my discourse and its coherence with my actions Loyalty Interpersonal I put the interests of every my friends at the apex of my operations and expect others to value the relationship immensely. I expect others to return the same loyalty as I give. Concrete friendships where everyone has specific identity and respects the trust given to them. I have a close woven team that has immense concern for the other person. Engagement Organizational I encourage everyone in the team to get to work and try to find viable solutions to a problem and contribute to the team. I am more interested in every member contributing their opinion regardless of what it is. I have a team that has a high sense of belonging, is free to contribute and therefore very helpful to the common growth. Unity Societal I encourage love, forgives and staying together of everyone. I like conducting educational meetings where I challenge individuals on the benefit of being united. The community around me is united. I highly value the art of being logical. This means that I am keen about the consistency and rationality of ideas. Whenever a decision is reached, I would like to ensure that every element of it can be explained through solid reasons that people can understand. I also believe that being consistent allows the subjects to adhere to directions more easily. Being

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