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Since my days in elementary school, I have always dreamt of working in the public sector. My parents were senior management officers in different companies, and they inspired me to work hard in school. Indeed, the influence of my parents’ professions was always evident in my life. Whether I was helping out at their respective companies during high school or mirroring the natural leadership skills I recognized in them, their impact was impossible to avoid. Among the many good things that my parents did to me was that they helped me to understand news bulletins, especially those relating to government policies. Although none of my parents was a policy analyst, they explained to me the effects of various new policies implemented by the government. I found this to be interesting, and I eventually developed a passion for becoming a policy consultant in the government sector. My career goal is to contribute to the economic prosperity of my country by offering critical strategic services and participating in the long-term policy-making. To achieve my career goals, I have taken appropriate steps. For example, while in high school, I joined a model United Nations (UN) club. The objective of the club was to help students gain familiarity with the operations of the UN, especially its role in fostering policy implementation in different countries. In the club, each student could conduct research on a specific country and make presentations. Through these researches, I learned a lot about international relations, how policies are formulated and why it is necessary for countries to collaborate. This experience heightened my desire to become a policy consultant. While in high school,

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