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Personal History Statement I decided to pursue my graduate degree based on two simple motivational goals. These are the passion for exploration of knowledge and the enthusiasm to assist stigmatized people. The two impetuses are a source of direction that channels me in the pursuit of my career. Furthermore, they guided me in the pursuit of a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology at the University of California, Berkely. They instigated me to maintain my focus on research even in stressful environments and acquire the best skills in the diversified atmosphere of this university. I am the first person in my family to attend college in this current generation. My grandparents did not acknowledge the relevance of education. Consequently, my parents stopped learning after completing high school in the 1970s. Their life and experience inspired me to work hard and access a higher level of education. They used to encourage me to take my education seriously. As a way of returning the favor, I took the opportunity they granted me seriously in my entire school life. This led to the manifestation of my outstanding performance without the necessity of cram schools like most of my peers. As an affirmation of my efforts and determination, i was position 2 out of 47750 students in the College Entrance Examination. The results enabled me to secure a chance in Tsingua University, which is the top most university in China. The city that I grew up in was small and not well exposed. Consequently, I was motivated in my middle and senior high school stages by the urge to see the world. Upon entering the University of Beijing, my motivation changed from the passion for knowledge outside my city to

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