Personal Goal Statement

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Communication has been my great passion since the Olympic Mascots after my involvement with numerous press releases on the subject. My main motivation to pursue communication and journalism at a higher level revolves around the urge to spread important information to different parts of the world. As I was born in the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau in China, I am concerned greatly with the Beijing Olympic Games and the news about the Tibetan antelope in the Olympic mascots. It is quite difficult to acquire great grades in from the Qinhai-Tibet Plateau to Beijing but, as a result of my hard-work, I managed to achieve success. Having attained my Master of Communication from the University of Chinese Academy Sciences, I am interested in pursuing a PhD in communications. The knowledge I gained right from my undergraduate journalism degree at Minzu University of China equipped me with the requisite skills. I am well-versed in research and acquainted highly with the tenets and scope of communications, as a field of study and ultimate profession. My other motivation for pursuing a doctorate degree in communications involves my desires and yearns to solve various problems in the society through different media networks. During one of my research projects, I delved into news and social media platforms in China. My ability to understand subjects that are keen to detail assisted me in deciphering the scope of networks such as WeChat. The application, WeChat, was developed by the Tencent Company in China. These methods will improve my efficiency while carrying out similar activities under the PhD study. The skills I acquired during my postgraduate classes are requisite in ensuring that I

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