Personal experience with law enforcement

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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Personal Experience with Law Enforcement What Happened In the recent past, I experienced the incidents of racial profiling from the police officers. In one instance, I accompanied my cousin as he drove from home to the workplace at about eight o’clock in the morning. His car was Mercedes Benz, which was a stylish vehicle. He was driving down the street, and the police officers stopped us. The police officer approached us, and he began telling me that he believes the car was stolen. I was surprised, and I was forced to ask myself why he had such thoughts. I had no doubt in my mind that my cousin owned the car, as I was involved in the car purchase. I started wondering whether the license was fraudulent during the purchase. Similarly, I also questioned whether the car and the license plate were matching. Importantly, I was searching for some coherent cause that may have forced the police officer to stop my cousin on the roadside. He commanded my driver to produce the documentation to prove his ownership of the vehicle. After he was supplied with the car ownership documents, the officer demanded our identity cards (ID). Unfortunately, we had not carried our IDs. He continued to interrogate us on where we live and where we were headed. We told him that we were very sorry that we did not carry our IDs but we will remember to do so next time. He was not satisfied with our responses, and we were forced to be frisked. The police officer told us that we must always carry our IDs with us but then allowed us to go on with our journey. What I Think about It Racial profiling among people of color in the United States is a major

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