Personal Ethics Statement

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Personal Ethics Statement My enrollment into Drexel has been a breakthrough that has given me a sense of belonging and self-realization. Growing up in the town suburbs under the care of my parents who have been farmers throughout their life was never easy. I used to live as an introvert who believed that the world is always harsh and unfair to some people. Being the only child in a family of three, I had no elder siblings or family acquaintance whom I could share my problems with. I used to live a dependent life where I could barely consult anyone besides my instructor because I believed everyone is out there to mislead me. I was very judgmental because I thought the only means to survival is through elimination where one had to take advantage of others to succeed. All through, I thought someone’s level of success was based on the amount of wealth and other material possession that they had. The first term in Drexel was a turning point in my life where I was forced to restructure my core values. Within the first week in school, I had already made a couple of friends whom I believed we shared the same life goals. It dawned on me that we meet people by purpose and each one of them will have an impact in my life (Banks 20). Over time, I learned to tolerate and coexist with different personalities by embracing the spirit of tolerance. I also learned that we all need each other to survive and succeed (Banks 21). Life is full opportunities, and all one has to do is believe in themselves and take the bull by its horns. I happened to interact with a disabled classmate who later became my best friend. It is at this

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