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Personal Essay Name Institution Course Date The social relationship between the infants and the primary caregivers is very important. In the first six months, a robust emotional link called attachment is formed between the primary caregivers and the infants. The primary caregivers may be the father, mother, nanny, grandparent, or a day care provider. Children raised up in histrionically diverse environments can mature to have unusually similar personalities in future, and children sharing a home and raised up in an identical environment can develop to have very diverse personalities. Therefore, it has been difficult to identify the concrete effects of the links between precise actions of parents and future conduct of their children. However, the parent’s effect on child development has attracted the attention of developmental psychologists. With numerous research, developmental psychologists have concluded that there are links between parenting styles and the effects these styles have on children. Therefore this essay will discuss the parenting style I experienced and the contribution of this parenting style in my life. When I was a toddler, my primary caregivers were my mother and my father. Both could guide me on what to do and what to avoid. My parents often explained and gave me reasons why I should take a specific direction or behave in a given manner. My father would tell me “My child, I give you instructions to follow but you still have a chance to correct me. Feel free to speak your mind, and I will consider your concerns. ” Also, my parents could give me room to challenge their rubrics. They always listened to my views and considered them

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