personal essay on a theme presented in Act I of Hamlet

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date of submission: Personal essay on leadership following Act 1 of Hamlet Hamlet is a unique book which caught a lot of attention from the public since its publication to date due to its relevant content reflecting the society and the operations of all aspects. Moreover, it depicts real issues that affect people both politically and socially, giving probable lessons that address these predicaments. In this context, we will focus more particularly on Act 1 of the book to drive main themes that can be related to our personal lives. The scene begins where Bernardo, an officer, decides to replace Francisco, the watchman on duty and is later joined by Marcellus, who is another guard together with Horatio who is Hamlet's friend. However, Horatio claims to bid them, but they both insist him to remain promising to show him something new. Later, a ghost appears scaring Horatio, who never seemed to believe before. The ghost is seen to be King Hamlet who died a few days ago. They try to talk to the ghost, but it never responds back. Nonetheless, Horatio vows to speak to Prince Hamlet who, believing that the ghost might talk to him. King Claudius, the current King, is introduced to the scene, giving a speech about marrying Gertrude, who was Hamlet's wife. He proudly says he mourns his brother but has decided to balance by marriage. He acts ambiguously showing how an antagonist he is through his poor leadership. Prince Hamlet is seen dressed in mourning clothes which make the king insult him to stop mourning his dead father but to get over it. Prince Hamlet is annoyed by this, showing his hatred to his uncle since the power was forcefully taken away

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