Perils of Progress: Argentina

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Name: Professor: Course: Date Civilization of Argentina Argentina is among the most prosperous countries especially in the field of agriculture; the tremendous prosperity can be associated with the liberal era during its colonization that saw a great rise in civilization and the adoption of capitalist policies. During this period, a few countries had much to contribute and help the country realize its potential. Italy and Spain, for instance, were quite significant in helping the country realize its economic potential mores so in the field of agriculture. Later agriculture grew to be among the most significant cultural activity in the region. Especially with the development of mixed farming. Britain also had a significant influence on Argentina, more so through the work of Adam Smith whose theory on capitalism encouraged Argentina to venture in the production of goods they produced best and had a competitive advantage encouraged the people to venture into the production of grains, meat, oil and wool that put the country on the map for the world’s wealthiest nations (Winn, 92) The liberal era also saw the adoption of European fashion and style which was a great development in the social-cultural heritage of the country. European countries, as well as American, also contributed to the civilization and economic development of the country hence influencing its culture as well. During this time America and Europe were the most industrialized countries, and they required raw materials for their industries, these made Argentina put more effort more in the hides sector to export the much-demanded hides for the European countries, e.g., Britain and England. The liberal

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