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Causes of Poor Performance Student’s Name Institution Causes of Poor Performance Cause Heather's poor performance in delivering her training is due to a deficiency in procedural knowledge. She possesses declarative knowledge of the topic she was training other employees. Heather was given the role of designing and conducting training on interpersonal skills. The skills included networking, communication skills, and new manager training lessons. It shows that Heather has a depth of the information she is expected to share with others through training. The challenge is common for people in the technology sector because they usually tend to be good in mastering information but can be poor in interacting with their colleagues. Heather appears to be a hardworking employee whose commitment has led to the promotion up to the level whereby the manager can allocate her more responsibilities. Heather displays intrinsic type of motivation, whereby her dedication and effort has provided her the opportunity to serve as a trainer. Her disability to deliver practical training lessons shows her lack of interpersonal skills. Therefore, despite being motivated and declarative, her performance is still low due to the deficiency in procedural knowledge. Remedy To remedy Heather's situation as the manager I would suggest meeting with Heather. The best way is to share with her the feedback from the attendees of her training sessions. First, I would prepare her by suggesting that she does not take the feedback personal but consider ways to improve. Heather also ought to approach her performance with the aim to get better each day after getting the feedback. She can incorporate

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