Performance Reviews: Improve the Process to Make It Meaningful

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Name Course Instructor Date Performance Reviews: Improvement of the Process to Make It Meaningful The purpose of the performance review is to improve the quality of work hence assessment of personal performance is necessary for their distinct areas. The evaluation process involved evaluation of the school performance at the end of the semester using the school curriculum and analyzed performance results from the school. The supervisor aimed at improving my academic learning and development by ensuring accountability in the classroom performance. During the evaluation process, the factors that suppressed my performance were well addressed, and I have realized the steps that needed to be taken in addressing these issues at an earlier stage. Leaving the room with the professor with the feeling of inspiration due to the positive feedback was virtuous having understood the several ways of improving the performance. Presentation of analyzed performance results from the previous semesters molded a vivid picture of the performance and the objectives were easy to set and understand upon considering these results (Bersin). Upon analyzing the evaluation process, the process could have been clearer if the professor was open to discussing the assessment online and using simple language as it would have eliminated the fear of discussing my performance with “my instructor”. According to Bersin, this would also allow the conducting of personal evaluation process using the online software thus the professor could give the assessment feedback regularly other than at the end of the semester. Bersin acknowledges that discussing the consequences that could arise

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