Performance Management

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Performance Management According to Huprich (2008), performance management is a system that is structured to determine the efficient and effective ways of achieving organizational goals, through continuous assessment and feedback to improve the performance of employees. Unlike other performance strategies, it is always an ongoing process that aims to match the goals of workers to the goals of the organization (Huprich, 2008). Besides, it makes good use of goal setting and other metrics to achieve its objective. At Lower Merion School District, the management is very keen on providing the best public education. To achieve such goals, the district strives to recruit, maintain, and support their personnel through better performance management strategies. First, the Lower Merion School makes use of data in their performance management practices. The district uses diagnostic assessment data which helps to determine the student weaknesses, strengths, and skills before posting an instructor. The instructors are then provided with this data to modify their teaching practices to meet the demands of different students. Through that, the district ensures that the teachers can effectively impart knowledge to every student without compromising the quality, which is an important aspect of performance management. The Lower Merion school District is equally committed to safeguarding the well-being of the employees. The district’s human resource department is very committed to administering employee benefits. These benefits include insurance plans and other policies that ensure the safety of each and every employee within the organization. The certainty of security motivates the staff

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