Performance Management Revised

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Performance Management Name: Institutional Affiliation: Performance Management Performance planning: at this stage of performance management process the management is intended to come up with goals and targets to be achieved by the employee as well as discussing what is expected from the worker in terms of performance. The expectations from every worker mainly depend on the department in which they are as well as the job designation. After the planning stage, both the management and employees should agree on the expected performance goals. These goals set in the planning stage should be attained within one year. It’s clear that in the Balme library the performance planning component has been poorly implemented. For example, there was no organized job analysis carried out for all the jobs in the library. This shows that they failed in proper planning from the beginning. Also, the employees are rated according to the general behavior. This indicates that there were no set goals or target for the employees to achieve which could be used to rate them. There is no clear standard of employees rating. Instead, they rate all the employees the same irrespective of job responsibilities. This component has been poorly implemented due to the fact that the managers didn’t involve employees when coming up with goals and targets. Finally, the Balme library has failed in planning the right channel to rate people. For instance, the seniors in the library have always rated juniors even when they are not in direct interaction. Through this, it’s evident that Balme library did not effectively implement performance planning which is one of the major components of performance

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