Performance Improvement Tools

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Question 1: As the supervisor, I will use performance improvement tools to measure, assess and improve the current conditions at the health clinic. Following the rise of complaints in the HIM department, I will make several considerations to establish the cause of these problems. Therefore, I will employ the five ways technique as a performance improvement tool to determine the possible reasons for the increase in the complaints. Question 2: To gather data that supports the grounds for the claims, I will deploy the use of surveys as a performance improvement tool. The surveys are most preferred since they provide both quantitative and qualitative data useful in the evaluation of this problem. Further, the techniques used in the study will employ both questionnaires and the interviews in a bid to generate sufficient and reliable data. Question 3: The use of quantitative techniques and particularly the bar graphs analyses the trend of the complaints within the course of the week. Bar graphs will give a clear, reliable and easy way of interpreting the results since the analyst will be able to identify the different frequencies of complaints during the week. The bar graphs will be in a way that highlights information in the number of allegations related to specific days. Question 4: After generating the causes of the problem, I will use the decision matrix in rating the problems and establishing the priority in the issues for considerations. The decision matrix will aid in analyzing, and determining a rate of strengths among the causes and matters in this case. Question 5: The current method used in this health care to retrieve patients records can be defined through the

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