Performance Improvement Plan

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Performance Improvement Plan Name Institution Performance Improvement Plan Since the employee has been made aware verbally about their inefficiencies but remains non-responsive, the next measure is a formal writing expressing dissatisfaction with the consistent lateness (Rutgers University Human Resources, n.d). In the letter, it is essential to emphasize on the previous communication and make it clear that continued lateness will lead to suspension without pay. This will motivate the employees to take the right actions towards ensuring that they evade any instance of suspension or any other form of punishment. The formal letter affirms the seriousness of their misconduct and constitutes a critical point of departure in the implementation of a more serious punishment in the workplace. If an employee fails to respond to a formal letter, the management can take another progressive step in the issuance of a suspension letter with a precise articulation of the primary motivating factor for the action. The suspension should be associated with an explanation of how the continued lateness affects the productivity of the organization. Being frank with the employee instills a sense of awareness and may predispose them to change their perspectives in the workplace. Further, the in the letter, it is essential to be explicit that a similar action or a more serious action will be taken in the future to ensure compliance with the organization’s policy on reporting to work (Rutgers University Human Resources, n.d). At any given time, it is essential that the manager responsible for fostering discipline on the employees be honest and stay clear of the non-work related

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