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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Performance Evaluation Memo TO: Helen Burns, HR Director FROM: Barry Gile, Marketing Department Supervisor DATE: December 10, 2016 SUBJECT: Derek Fryar’s Evaluation The performance evaluation of all the employees is complete. Concerning Derek Fryar, the assessment shows there is a need to review his salary upwards. Derrek performed well in most of the aspects of evaluation. His understanding of the job, as well as his commitment to work, is unquestionable. Below are his strengths and weaknesses: Strengths Concerning job knowledge, Fryar has demonstrated an outstanding performance. He shows a good comprehension of techniques, equipment use, and procedures involved and possess the skills required in the execution of his job. This is quite evident considering that during the year, he was invited to the Wharton School of business to speak to the graduating class of 2016. His lecture on current directions in marketing was quite detailed and well informed. When it comes to a service focus, Fryar's performance was also outstanding. His interaction with customers is quite exemplary as he provides a conducive environment for interaction and responds wholeheartedly to all questions no matter how ambiguous they seem. He also believes in the provision of high-quality service no matter the time it requires. For example, on December 30, 2015, he and his team worked almost up to dawn the next day while in the service of Delco Electronics. The CEO of Delco Electronics was quite happy with this dedication to work. Weaknesses His commitment to teamwork needs improvement. He did not attend both of the only two team

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