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Name Instructor Course Date Perfect Terrorist Frequent repetition of occurrence of incidences of terrorism in the media channels across all the six continents of the world has created a new frightening rhythm in the news bulletins. Terrorism, in general, has advanced to the next level from what used to be traditional molds of terrorism recruitments to the modern ways that terrorist groups employ the use of the internet, more so social media in luring youths to join them. However, as the terrorism seems to have evolved over the recent past, the Story of David Coleman Headley can be said to be a well fit in the traditional molds of terrorist recruitment since it occurred at the time when innovative technology was getting appreciated in many parts of the world. This essay, therefore, relates the story of David Coleman Headley to the role poverty plays in terrorist recruitment. The story of David Coleman Headley can be said to be a well fit in the traditional molds of terrorist recruitment. In the past decades, the innovative technology was not much advanced as it is in the current world. This simply means that there were no incidences of using social media to as a platform to recruit terrorists. The use of internet in the past decades was limited to some few individuals from elite families. It, therefore, meant that terrorists who lured energetic young people in the society only targeted the individuals from families that probably lived on big budget hence could afford to use the internet as part of their leisure venues. Nonetheless, David Coleman Headley was born in a well-off family before seeing his parents separate and being forced to be raised up by a single

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