Peresonal statement for Pharmacy graduate program

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Personal Statement for Pharmacy Graduate Program My passion to acquire vast knowledge and experience in the pharmacy profession has been successful and of significant importance to the community. Since I graduated from the King Saudi University in 2012 with a pharmacy degree, I have been able to serve in many community health care centers and hospitals helping people to learn the right procedures of taking medication. Working as a pharmacist has earned me a variety of licenses that include the CMPI, HIPAA, CPR/ AED and APA Pharmacy-based Immunization permits. I have also acquired a pharmacy professional experience through practicing at Ohud Hospital in Saudi Arabia; I improved my prescription, patient counseling, and dispensing skills. Additionally, I have acquired APPE through practicing in a number of healthcare organizations that include family health center; which exposed me to ambulatory care, Saint Vincent Hospital; where I gained internal medicine skill, Chicopee health center; that exposed me to community pharmacy practice skills and MGH-Emerson Cancer Center; which exposed me to Oncology experience. However, the pharmaceutical practice has not provided me with experience in historical, political, quality, psychological and economic factors involving therapeutic modalities. In this regard, pursuing the PEPPOR program at UNM will enlighten me in the cost analysis of drugs. Also, it will enable me to apply social interdisciplinary and behavioral theories in pharmaceutical practice. Generally, the program will better my prescription criteria and ensure improved patient outcomes. I also have

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