People in the student union area of a college

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Name Professor Course Date People in the Student Union Area of a College Observation of the subject The student union offers a warm and a welcoming environment. To obtain useful information to this regard interviewing the current leaders of the student union such as the president, director of student development and my school representative would give me great insight. What impresses me is that the student unions in colleges have numerous benefits. The student can learn a lot about themselves including strengths and goals. It brings insights into how other students carry themselves in different situations. The self-awareness accrued in the group’s benefits in the student career. The skills assist in interaction, communication, ethics, and attitudes. Understanding how well to work with a team is essential in the college area. My interests regarding the student union are since one can meet other students, from diverse backgrounds as well as new connections are made as well as constructing relationships that assist in looking for jobs. Preliminary questions Some of the preliminary questions I would ask of the three officials include the responsibilities that each plays in the student union; what is expected of them by the institution as a whole especially the administration; an enquiry on the main challenges that they encounter in their work in the student union and how they handle the pressure; and finally the major issues the student body face and what they are doing to assist or curb the problems as a student union or individually. Planning of the project The people in the student union are students registered to the institution. The unions are

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