People and Politics

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People and Politics Name Institution People and Politics The mismatch as described refers to the difference in quality information gathered by the public and that used by politicians to meet the needs of people they represent. Precisely, from the analysis, we get to understand that general public is far much liberal than their representatives basing on the issues they address. Public opinion communicates the needs and interests, wishing leaders would push forward and implement the presented agendas to impact vast democratic developments. However, public demand is disregarded as the politicians do not exercise what the poll expects, therefore causing a mismatch between popular sentiments and the mainstream policy. When public opinion is observed keenly, there are revealed broad support for a range of liberal systems, and this include increased spending from the government. Despite this widespread support of the public for liberal policy on a depth of economic forces, the polls’ representatives are more conservatives. The analysis, therefore, informs that political systems have problems and politicians may not be as strong as people would think they are, to exercise the opinions of ordinary people. The use of poll in United State is said to be undemocratic because politicians perform what they think is right for the people. When leaders neglect the role that they were voted to do, it raises the questions about the proper influences and the use of public opinion (Broockman & Skovron, 2017). The democracy force citizens to ask why there is a mismatch between people’s demand and actual policies pursued by political representatives. Yes, there is a

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