Penicillin antibiotic has more effectiveness on gram-positive bacteria

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Biology Report Student’s Name: Date: Introduction Bacteria were some of the first organisms on our planet. They have evolved over time resulting in a variety of bacteria that are in existence today. They can be classified into two categories namely; gram positive and gram negative. This classification depends on the differential staining process referred to as Gram stain. The Gram stain classifies bacteria with respect to their ability to hold the violet color whenever decolorized by an organic solvent such as ethanol. This differential cell wall structure is also critical in determining the kind of antibiotics that are effective against them. The Gram stain retention is dependent on the bacterial cell membrane (Chudobova et al., 2014). The gram-positive bacteria have a two-walled membrane that helps retain the stain. Their cell membrane is composed of a cytoplasmic membrane and a cell wall. The cell wall is basically made up of peptidoglycan-polysaccharide that is important in providing the bacteria with resilience and rigidity (Clutterbuck et al., 2007). Additionally, this compound is useful for the bacteria’s capability to stain. On the other hand, gram-negative bacteria have three cell wall layers namely; the outer membrane, periplasmic space, and a cytoplasmic layer. The outermost membrane and cytoplasmic layer are made up of phospholipids. The peptidoglycan layer is situated in the periplasmic region and lacks teichoic acid. These factors render gram-negative bacteria irresponsive to gram staining. There are different therapeutic regimens that help combat bacteria, penicillin being one of them. However, penicillin’s mode of action is limited to

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