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Name Instructor’s name Course Date Essay one 1. By reading the introduction, one gets a clear understanding that capitalism is no longer practiced in America. The reasons behind the claim have been highlighted to enable the reader to understand the essay's point of view. The introduction can be improved by using questions, although the topic statement is used in a clear and definite way. 2. All the themes such as the reasons behind the decline of capitalist ideas in the introduction are later clearly explained in the essay. However, some arguments such as the benefits of capitalism are not highlighted in the introduction paragraph of the text even though they are in the body. 3. The thesis The thesis statement comes at the start of the introductory paragraph, and it cannot be changed to any position as it forms the basis of the essay. It can be restated that America is currently not a pure capitalist because of the various Government regulations and laws such as Anti-trust laws, minimum wage and the working conditions guidelines that are against the Laissez-Faire economic. In the essay, the thesis captures the contents of the paper inclusively. 4. Body paragraphs Each paragraph starts with the main idea that introduces the author's point of view in the essay. In each paragraph, there is only one idea discussed. The claims that are stated in the thesis statement are the ones explored in each section. The preceding sentences in the paragraph explain more about the claim thus creating a connection between the paragraphs and the thesis statement. There is a clear transition between paragraphs and sentences. Supportive sentences that are clearly

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