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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course TitleDate of submission Peer Review Guidelines Read through the draft quickly. If you're having trouble focusing, read the essay outlook. My approach to editing online: use all capital letters to make comments. I may put parentheses around something the writer should omit. I may put a * next to some error. It's good to comment on both what you thought worked well, and what didn't work so well or was confusing. General Comment: Write a quick list of dominant impressions. What stands out? What examples or phrases are particularly vivid? What strikes you as most illuminating about the analysis? What do you like about the draft? Primarily, the essay is well drafted with good use of language and grammar. Additionally, the writer has used conjunctions and relevant phrases in making the essay appealing. One thing I like about the analysis is the in-depth details that the writer gives to each subtopic that in one way or another affects the freedom of speech. Read silently through the paper again. What is the strong point of this paper? What do you like the most? Apparently, a keen understanding of the essay draws on the key topic of freedom of speech. All through the article, the writer takes a closer look at the different freedoms of speech and how they can be misused on the hand. One thing that fascinates me most in the essay is the fact that the writer also highlights the necessity of implementing and incorporating law in the freedom of speech so that it is not misused. By so doing, those who violate other people's rights can face the full force of the law. What new insight does this paper give or suggest about a

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