Peer Influence

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Peer Influence Peer influence refers to the persuasive act of an individual changing their attitudes, lives or behavior to adapt to the attitudes, lives, and behavior of the influencing group. The most affected categories of groups that are affected are the social groups. The groups may include the trade unions or the political parties. Nevertheless, it is a must for an individual to be part of a group to experience the effects of peer influence, but can sometimes be influenced to act contrary to a group with dislikable characters and norms. Moreover, peer influence is prevalent among the young groups. Peer influence amongst members of this group occurs as a result of taste, appearance, values and ideology. Famous teenage youths are at risk of peer influence as compared to other people. The new teens tend to associate with peer groups who are related to alcohol and drug abuse. For this reason, the new teens tend to attain fewer marks in schools as they spend much time paying attention to their social life instead of studying. In most cases, substance and drug abuse are affected by the young age. Therefore, four responses exist to peer pressure that is ways in which the youngsters get involved in peer influence. The adolescent can disagree with the opinion of the group but just flow with the panel opinion. Secondly, the youths can alter their personal views, to agree with the group views. Thirdly, the children tend to succumb to the board pressure but still maintain personal beliefs. Lastly, some youth’s agree with the panel opinion even before thinking about the idea. Nevertheless, peer influence can affect the children positively or negatively. Negatively, the

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