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Professor's name Student's name Course Date Introduction Critically ill patients as in the case of those mentally challenged require special handling using modern facilities, technological support to help them express themselves when regulating and monitoring the physiological functions of their bodies. Unconscious patients such as the mentally challenged patients are usually unable to communicate verbally and therefore are not able to express themselves. Such patients in critical condition are not able to express their desire feelings as well as their needs to the nurses and even to others. In such situation, they cannot even respond to the verbal communication by anybody in the hospital. The nurse's first encounter with mentally challenged patients is a non-verbal platform which is the first and best category of the art of caring for them. This form of communication is crucial since it encourages interaction with the patient and avoids the notion of taking them as being passive subjects. The unconscious and mentally challenged patients after a long period of contact with the nurses would eventually get used to them and may start nonverbal communication with them. As the days progress with such contact, the patients can express good image of themselves through various movement of the body parts expressed through gestures and several other nonverbal cues. Facial expression is the main nonverbal communication whereby such patients can express smile on their faces upon see or hearing anything being spoken of by their nurses who they are used to. Such patient is still able to hear and see well the communications going on in their environment and may then

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