PEDIATRIC- Mental and Physical Health of Children in Foster Care

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Article review: Mental and Physical Health of Children in Foster Care Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract The paper's intent is to give a brief outlook of this article which elaborates on the Mental and Physical Health of Children in Foster Care. In the article Kristin Turney and Christopher Wildeman illustrate the challenges which children under foster care go through during their stay and the behavioral change after foster care. The authors try to come up with a connection to show how foster care attributes to the general development of children regarding physical and mental health. They further elaborate on the research methodology used to come up with the data which enables them to come to a conclusion on the effects of foster care by comparing foster care children and other children in the general population. This paper, therefore, tries to review the article and summarize the central concept conveyed and finally the research method used is analyzed to prove the validity in coming up with the arrived conclusion. Article Review: Mental and Physical Health of Children in Foster Care Wildeman and Turney 2016 in the article Mental and Physical Health of Children in Foster Care, they state that in every year, 1 % of the US children spend time in the foster care. They further illustrate that children who spend their time in the foster care endure a myriad of problems which may arise due to the maltreatment they incurred or other risk factors related to their placement which include poverty, parental drug, and alcohol abuse, disadvantages in the neighborhood and epigenetics. The relation of foster children and conditions such as depression,

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