Paying College Athletes

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Student’s Name Tutor Course Date Paying College Athletes Paying College Athletes concerns student-athletes who participate in athletics and other sporting activities for the claims that their athletic services to their colleges have to be compensated by NCAA. Web sites focusing on this issue range from blogging sites to online news websites that involve economic evaluations. However, some websites about payment of athletes are not credible as they rely more on personal opinions without considering sources while others fail to genuinely evaluate the impact of this action regarding its pros and cons to the parties involved. “NCAA Schools Can Absolutely Afford To Pay College Athletes, Economists Say” by Maxwell Strachan whose audience is all online news readers offers credible information on Paying College Athletes because of its proficient author, makes proper use of sources at the same time evaluates both the negative and positive ends of the issue hence is a credible source for argumentative essay. The author and the purpose of a site are major concerns when assessing the site’s credibility. First, a good site is dictated by its author professionalism as well as how their related experience aids them in presenting ideas concerning a particular field (Harvey 9). Besides serving as a senior editor at The Huffington Post, as a credible author, Maxwell Strachan also has specialized in the entertainment and sports sector. In addition to that, Strachan has published many more articles concerning entertainment and sports through The Huffington Post. Therefore, he enhances the dependability of the site when presenting matters about Paying College Athletes which

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