Paulo Case Scenario: Transition Goals

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Translation Goals The paper discusses the transition goals for Paulo in the following areas: education, employment, independent living, and community collaboration opportunities. Paulo is a student. He attends school despite having a mild cognitive disability and autism. Paulo is willing to learn and collaborates with other students to improve his communication skills. Moreover, Paulo attends an elementary and middle school where he trains in sign language. He can be able to take directions and answer questions that require a yes or no response. Furthermore, he engages in nonacademic activities such as playing football, watching movies, carrying out home chores and raking leaves in the yard. Paulo has several strengths and weaknesses (Paulick, Rainer, and Matthias 79). For instance, he has communication disabilities and can only communicate using sign languages, gestures, and a few words. On the other hand, Paulo is self-driven which enables him to carry out educational activities with minimal supervision. His parents are supportive and are willing to provide him with everything that he needs in his education. These activities show that Paulo is ready to learn to achieve his educational goals. The activities equip him with skills to be able to solve problems that he may encounter in life. Moreover, these activities help improve his communication skills to communicate effectively with other members of the society. In all these activities, Paulo can manage his time efficiently to ensure that he can manage the educational activities effectively. Paulo had interest in the working at the grocery store. He would go to

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