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Patient Intake to Patient Follow-Up Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction This paper gives the procedures involved in filing the Patient Intake and Follow-up Workflow Template. It will focus on Dorothy, a patient suffering from fatigue and constant headaches. Upon deciding to visit her personal doctor, Dorothy contacts the physician's office and plans an appointment with the office to visit on the following day. Here, the author will identify ten steps to follow when guiding Dorothy through the patient intake and follow-up processes. Keywords: Patient Intake, Follow-up, patient, steps Steps Description 1. Dorothy arrives at the doctor’s office where she will be asked to verify her demographic information. 2. A medical assistant, receptionist or nurse will ask Dorothy to complete her medical history and her reason for visit as well as the symptoms of her health condition and record the answers in a computer-aided questionnaire. 3. The nurse will measure Dorothy’s weight and height and store the results in the EHR. He/she will also use a device to check vital signs for Dorothy’s temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. 4. Both the nurse and Dorothy will review the medical history and symptoms while editing and making clarifications, respectively. 5. The physician will conduct the physical examination whereas the clinician will perform a provisional diagnosis of Dorothy’s mental condition. The records are transferred to the EHR. 6. The clinician will use the EHR to prescribe medication, treatment, and other tests appropriate for helping Dorothy. 7. In case the doctor’s office orders lab work, a medical assistant will obtain

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