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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Practicing Patience The art of goal setting is one of the most effective methods through which a person can gauge their productivity and thus make changes that lead to an improvement both in their careers, and other areas in life. However, in the process of setting goals, people seldom look within themselves and come up with goals to also improve their character as opposed to the goals in their external environment such as acquiring material possessions and advancing their careers. Despite this, it is vital always to remember that our character plays a key role in the achievement of our other goals and thus it is paramount to prioritize its development. One of the aspects of the human character that will forever be rewarding is the practice of being patient. The paragraphs that follow will explore the art of being patient, how to enhance one’s patience, misconceptions associated with being patient and its significance in one’s career and life as a whole. One of the greatest misconceptions about patience is that of equating it to a lack of progress or complacency. This direction of fallacious thinking tends to make people think that one cannot be patient and at the same time aggressive in life. Contrary to the stated misconception, patience plays a vital role in the productivity and progress of any particular entity. This is because even with aggression and industry, the timing of the actions of a person or entity is also paramount to the end product of one’s effort and without patience, the right timing can rarely be achieved. This may further lead to self-sabotage and inefficiency in work done. Patience also helps

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