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Clinical Application 2 Name of the Student Professor’s Name The appraisal of present case study relates to Mr. J. The individual belongs to African-American ethnicity and is hypertensive for the past two years. He had a history of smoking and suffers from obesity. Moreover, the laboratory findings indicated that Mr. J suffers from dyslipidemia and has a low ejection fraction. The heart of Mr. J is also enlarged, which indicated that he also suffered from left ventricular hypertrophy. Mr. J also suffers from knee pain and mild asthma. He has been taking NSAIDS (NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs for the knee pain and inhalers for the management of asthma. The case history also suggests that Mr. J suffered from stress. The stress perhaps developed from recent job loss. Mr. J also had a family history of hypertension. The following questions were related to the dissemination of clinical condition of Mr. J. How would you classify this pt’s hypertension according to current JNC VIII guidelines? According to the current JNC VIII guidelines, hypertension in Mr. J could be classified as Stage-2 hypertension (Hernandez-Vila, 2015). JNC VIII guidelines (Joint National Committee) are regulatory guidelines that specify different cardiovascular end-points. Such specifications help to identify the pathological features in an individual and the therapeutic goals associated with such condition. For example, normal blood pressure is specified as <120/80 mmHg. What is the most clinically significant information related to HTN in this patient’s ROS (review of systems) –explain your thinking. The most clinically significant information related to HTN in Mr. J is a history

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