Path to Choose in Deciding Destiny

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Student’s Name:Instructor: Course: Date: Which Path to Choose in Deciding Destiny? We are born with full and ultimate control over our decisions and actions. This is our way to respond to what fate gets us through. It would thus be prudent to take control of the situations that we are fated to get through. Sitting and letting things just happen is not an option. Our destiny is truly shaped by our decisions. The choice is left to an individual to choose for him or herself if they will leave the role of making their own decisions to other people or they will take control and shape events in their life to suit their expectations. There is no limit. The question, which Path to Choose in Deciding your Destiny? tries to get an individual to understand is that as people, we confine our capability and thoughts to the idea that no matter what we do, our fates are sealed, and we cannot change them. This is a narrow outlook because it is a practical and logical premise that we are in full control of everything that we do and undertake. The mind is the master controller as every step taken has to be decided by our own minds. Our individual`s character is the thing that transforms our fates to destiny by acting accordingly (Wells, 26) To reach our full potential, people have to do and act accordingly in order to open up our creativity. Life is one long stream, and as the quote put it, there are two paths. The first which is to decide to take control of our lives and the other where we can leave every decision to fate. Therefore, every decision must be made in a way that leads us down the right paths to receive the blessing of a fulfilling life. Works Cited Wells, Samuel.

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