pastoral genre

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The Development of the Pastoral Genre Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Development of the Pastoral Genre Pastoral genre represents rural life in a simple way to bring a contrast between city life and countryside life. The genre became popular during the mid-sixteenth century among the Spanish and Italian cultures. Later in the eighteenth century, the French people had quite embraced the use of the pastoral genre in artwork as well as in other literature settings. French poets were the first group of people to appreciate and revitalize pastoral literature in the society. Later, artists embraced the genre and used various painting techniques to represent country life in simple and admirable ways. The genre was used to represent and bring about pleasure and playfulness among the French people during the 18th century. The works of Jean-Honor Fragonard and especially the Grape Gatherer painting show happiness and the fantasy of a simple rural life. Elements from the ancient Greek indicate that during the ancient times, people appreciated the pastoral life that they had just lost. The importance of country life began to lose its meaning as the desire for urbanization crept in during the ancient periods. Urbanization brought about complications and issues that were not present during the traditional pastoral days. Artists, poets, and musicians, therefore, began creating art using the pastoral genre in appreciation of the lost comfort of a pastoral lifestyle. During the sixteenth century, Italy and Spain produced various works in both literature and art depicting the pastoral lifestyle in a more relaxed and romanticized way. At this age, pastoral genre represented

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