Partition Essay Examples

partitioning outside and inside the gels. To get the elution volume (Ve) the following equation is used where Kd is the partition coefficient. Elution volume is the volume between the injection of the solvent and its elution. Ve=V0+(Kd×Vi)To obtain Kd, the above equation can be rearranged to give: Kd=Ve-VoViSince Vt=Vo+Vi, Vi = Vt -Vo Therefore Kd can be expressed as: Kd=Ve-VoVt-VoInstrumentation The instrumentation is made up of a set up that comprises of a gel filtration column, 150ml Erlenmeyer flask, stands, and beaker. The column acts to separate the mixture while the 150ml Erlenmeyer flask is a buffer reservoir. The flow of the buffer into the column is controlled using a paper clip. A...

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