Participating in team sports develop good character

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Student’s Name: Tutor’s Name: Course Code: Date: Participating in team sports help develop good character. It helps teach discipline, loyalty, and commitment. Engaging in sports not only helps improve one’s body health but also improves health intellects and emotions thus taking part in games helps promote good character. Team sports are all about working in unity with teammates and the coach. While in a team there is no room for selfishness since such an act costs points to the entire team. Team sports promotes unity and assists members to get rid of bad attitudes and pay attention to one goal which is winning. Also, it helps encourage commitment and discipline since team members must adhere to the team's rules and cannot act based on self-interests (Dishon, 2017). When a team wins members celebrate together and when they lose teamwork does not allow one to feel frustrated since this would be bring the team's attitude down. Helps in developing the team as well as one’s discipline. Also, team sports helps in developing loyalty since members learn to support their team even when they lose. Being real means supporting others even in the worst situations and this is what sports require. People who succeed in sports team acquire real characters that they can apply in life. As Dishon (2017), team games make members understand the importance of respecting and working with others hence developing discipline. Also, it helps in maintaining players in good shape and health both mental and physical thus building good character. All the things that one learns in the field need application in real life. The purpose of sports is to apply all lessons such as not being

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