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Exploring Language and Communication Barriers Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Expansion of cultures in the highly globalized society has resulted in language barriers. The major apprehension in the transnational organizations is communication. In fact, cultural and language barriers add to the communication issue in a workplace. Since business organizations attempt to explore frontiers beyond boundaries, certain language barriers may result in customer dissatisfaction and even loss in customers in an event where they feel misinterpreted or abused. John Hopkins Hospital, for example, may face the same fate due to language barriers. Even if the translation process is expensive and time-consuming, certain organization needs to establish an inclusive recruitment program. As the main stakeholders affected by this phenomenon, John Hopkins Hospital should work together to improve the management teams, employees, and customers. In any multinational corporation, it is a prerequisite to have a diverse workforce to deliver services to the local community efficiently. In healthcare facilities, the language barrier is, however, a significant issue since it involves a sensitive operation. It is, therefore, suggested that such a firm adopts effective criteria in dealing with language barriers. Some effective techniques include appreciating the individual cultures involved, hiring professional interpreters, and hiring multilingual workers as well as offering employees with language teaching programs. Exploring Language and Communication Barriers Initial Thoughts Communication is a two-way process. Acted by speakers and senders, communication exists

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