Parents Expectations on Their Children

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Author Tutor Course Date. Parents Expectations on Their Children Parents want their children to lead successful, happy lives by offering them equal opportunities. Astonishingly, they have also placed different hopes and expectations depending on the child's gender. Most parents expect their sons to be intelligent and their daughters pretty, hence impose different images on each. Research shows that parents worry about their son’s intelligence as compared to their daughters (Gonchar 2018). The boy child is therefore expected to pursue top careers such as engineering and as the daughters settle for middle-level jobs such as nursing and teaching. The result is that boys feel pressured and their academic performance is adversely affected. On the other hand, parents are more concerned about their daughters’ physical appearances as compared to their sons. They worry about their girl’s height and weight and spend a lot on cosmetics while watching their diet. As a result, more males are obese as compared to females. Parents believe that girls should be protected from the outside world more than the boys. The sons are expected to take care of themselves while strict rules are imposed on the daughters both in school and at home. Parents will argue that women are exposed to violence such as rape, prostitution, and early marriages. However, boys are not secure either; they face challenges such as exposure to hard drugs, radicalization to join terror groups and dropping out of school. Therefore sons should be protected as much as daughters. In conclusion, parents should not have different expectations for their children primarily based on gender. The different

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