Parental Expectations Outline

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Your Name: Professor’s Name: Institution: Date Title: Parental Expectations Outline Introduction Parents always want to raise kids of impeccable moral standards. Differences and similarities in parent’s expectations in the short stories “Only Daughter” by Cisneros and “Mother Tongue” by Tan Thesis statement: This paper tries to illustrate the different parental expectations during the parenting process. In the short story “One Daughter” by Sandra Cisneros, the father only wanted his daughter to have a husband while in college while in the novel “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, the author’s mother believed her daughter would one day be a doctor. Body Paragraphs Both parents expected their daughter would find happiness through marriage or career of their choice There is happiness through marriage union. Sandra’s father wanted her daughter to go to college to find a husband Author’s father never cared about her daughter’s education Happiness through career of parent’s choice and family Amy’s mother wanted her daughter to be a doctor Amy’s mother expected her daughter to defend or assist her during the hour of need. The two parents had different expectation and strategy of motivations Sandra’s father was more satisfied his daughter’s article. Sandra’s dad was enjoying reading the book since he was laughing at the right places. The father wanted to have more of the copies for the relatives. Amy’s mother had an unquenchable high expectation. The author’s mother claimed that the article was too easy to read Conclusion One’s future happiness and passion comes from the child but not the parents.

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