Paper 5: Formal Analysis

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Student’s Name Tutor Course Date Paper 5: Formal Analysis Families develop on the trust of the couples who end up bringing intelligent and morally upright children. Every society has its value for the morals and taboos that it holds onto so as to maintain sanity in the community. However, there are cases where individuals rise against these taboos to meet their personal interests. It is even worse when parents of a trustworthy family get involved in such socially compromised behaviors. Associated with that, Elizabeth Strout in her short story Snow Blind introduces the readers to families that live a covered antisocial life in the quest of fulfilling their desires. Even though, Strout presents it metaphorically, snow blindness, the major theme of the story can be analyzed with the aid of the literary elements such as the central characters, the central conflict, and the setting analysis as well. Strout in her story introduces the readers to central characters as Annie Appleby, Clayton Appleby. Annie Appleby, one of the most aggressive and youngest children in their community, is a daughter of Clayton and Sylvia. She develops as one of the successful child in the family who happens to meet an exposure to the outside world where she receives a lot of rewards and kindness from her promoters in the world enchantment. Annie being a lover of the woods she is instructed by her father not to go into the woods anymore, what she feels was unfair (Strout 311-3112). Moreover, she worries about the understanding about looking at the snow when the sun was bright claiming that she would get blind which even her grandmother insists never to look at the blinding snow. The snow

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