Paper 2: Evaluating the Conversation of an Argument / Summary and Synthesis Paper

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Psychological Impacts of GamingIntroduction Many people have been questioning the role that video games play in the society, especially to the avid players who are majorly the youth and the children. The debate that has been raging has focused on the negative and some positive aspects of the video games. The proponents view the video games as a positive influence on the human mind and in the society, sharpening the mind and improving the level of reasoning capabilities. However, the people who oppose video games believe that they are more destructive especially to the children and the adolescents. In this case, they can cause the children who are addicted to developing antisocial behavior that may not auger well with the social norms (Smyth 717-21). Also, the video game proponents can still read positive impacts of video games. This makes some people believe that playing video games develop social skills as the people share and play together, while others still assert that video games are important in the cognitive development of the children and youth that plays them. People who are concerned with the child education associate video games with psychomotor attributes that would lead to improved coordination of the child responses in the sensory organs including the eyes and the hands. Moreover, people still believe that video games can make children aggressive especially when not properly controlled. So the major question that remains not answered is whether to let the children play or not to play the video games. It would, however, be useful to note that video games are only as good as the guidance that parents give to children in

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