Pacific Medical Supply Company

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PACIFIC MEDICAL SUPPLY COMPANY Name Course Professor Institution City and State location The Date Questions 1 Sales just like any other profession or sport, one can be gifted in that field. In essence, this means that people like Nicole are naturally talented in their area of specialization. It can be seen by how she could bond freely with the clients for example by going out with them. On top of that, her natural tendencies show up on how her sales results kept on increasing over the years. Despite such people being naturally gifted, they need help from the experienced ones to become even better. In our case, Nicole was naturally talented, and her performance showed that she did not need any help as per the result. However, if she had gotten more help her work could have been even better. People who could her helped Nicole included Jim who had over 25 years of sales experience and the other salespersons who have the know-how of that particular market. The downside to this is the advice that she was going to get, could be detrimental. For example, due to work jealousy she could have been misadvised so that she can fail. Secondly, she could have been advised but not motivated to work hard enough to achieve her goals as her fellow employees were in a state of comfort and no ambition or drive to aim higher. All in all, it is better to get the advice from a bond between the employees, make the new employees feel welcomed, help the likes of Nicole know their working environment and also give them a head start on what to expect a similar view held by Ilya (2015). Through Nicole's hard work and achievements, Jim could tap into this to make the other Pacific

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