Pablo Escobar

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The death of the drug lord Pablo Escobar left an immortal slogan: ’hasta la Victoria siempre’ which means that one should always strive towards victory. He managed to expose the greed of the rich who ruled as well as show a good example to others who had no hope in life. This is the story of an individual who ascended to the very top notch via shrewd and dirty means but all the same still had an impact in the lives of many. The rich were scared of him, but the poor loved him for what he was to them. In this way. Escobar touched the lives of both poor and rich though in a different manner. On moral grounds, the issue can be debated and debated in a way that it will not end since conservatives would argue against Escobar and his means. They would argue that he was not morally upright to be involved in the wrong side of the law. However, it should never be forgotten that he used bad means to show a good way. One would also lambast him for being too daring, but he was left with no other option. For a government that is ruled by treacherous means, he is fully justified in what he was doing. Escobar challenged the established norms which were unfavourable to the majority of the society. Love him or hate him he is a hero and will always be remembered as the man who once put Colombia in the spotlight. Though engaging on internationally banned narcotics, Escobar provided jobs and livelihood for the many. The mainstream society had it that the few who were rich deserved to rule and hence were considered as the ruling class. There was simply a gulf in class between the rulers and the ruled. These individuals cheated the society into believing that they were leaders, but this

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