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Student's Name: Instructor's Name: Course: Date: OUTSOURCING Should the U.S. government prevent companies from outsourcing Jobs overseas? The U.S government should not prevent companies from outsourcing jobs overseas. There is a high demand for affordable labor in developed nations such as the United States. The demand is not only in the technology sector where production of advanced equipment used at home is increasingly becoming sophisticated but also in farming (Kendall 68). For instance, fruit farmers work close to areas with electronics manufacturing plants. Industries make profits because they change how they produce and distribute their products. Steel processors convert ore to steel, which is used in the production of various products such as vehicles (Kendall 73). Information Technology jobs are best outsourced overseas to cut on the cost of production. Due to the advancement in the technology that is in use today, projects that involve information gathering and organizing needs outsourcing. Such technologies reduce the cost of production by having other qualified individuals do the job remotely. For instance, transcription services take much organizational time and resources but outsourcing them makes it more cost-friendly (TOITJNY 16). In contrast, routine receiving of a telephone and responding to clients’ concerns on products or services is a simple task and does not need any outsourcing since it does not require many resources. Accounting, Management of payroll, and Billing can also be outsourced because of the technology that enables workers facilitation remotely, even from outside the United States. Outsourcing is cheaper than having the

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