Outsourced the film

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Author’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date Outsourced the Film Intercultural communication is classified as verbal and non-verbal communication between different groups and between diverse cultural and ethnic groups. Within intercultural communication cross-cultural competence is an essential element that plays a significant role in the level of comprehension between the people that are communicating with one another. Rasmussen defines cross-cultural competence as “the ability to understand people from different cultures and engage with them effectively” (2013). Comprehending the cultures and learning about cultural differences are pertinent to relationship development and rapport building because it provides information to both parties involved that help in the creation and the aid of an effective conversation or interaction. One discipline that intercultural communication may have a direct impact on is in business. In business, it is imperative for those people who are conducting business to have a fluid understanding of what clients, and business associates cultural competencies are; because this knowledge helps to improve business and personal relationships. In this paper, the film “Outsourced” and several literary sources will be used to analyze and show the significance in communication, and cultural rules as it relates to Indian culture; the impact that communication competence has on the communication success, and communication strategies that ameliorate communication between members of diverse populations. “Outsourced” and Communication Competence In the film Outsourced, communication and cultural differences were two themes

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